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The Energy field is on fire. We saw a niche in that area and created a natural ingredient chewable tablet, making it both cost effective and easier to use...anytime, anywhere. Our tablets come in a 'zipper sealed' pouch (4 to a pouch) or a 30 tablet bottle. 

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Real testimonials

Julie says: I didn't need my second cup of coffee.

Charlie: I had the best work out ever.

TT: Fantastic energy

Chris: I worked right through the afternoon without feeling tired or sleepy. 

KJ: My hike was the best

Cody: Great for my Party Friends

Current Deals

1) Order 3 Sashay Pouches (12 tablets) for $10 - we pay shipping - a 17% discount. 

2) Order 1 Display Box, each display holding 18 Sashays, each Sashay holding 4 tablets (72 tablets total) and receive a 25% discount.

3) Order 1 Zippr Energy Bottle (30 tablets) and receive a 20% discount.

4) Order 1 Case (8 Display Cartons, each display holding 18 Sashays, each Sashay holding 4 Tablets for a total of 576 Tablets) and receive a 30% discount. 

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Here's the big news!

1) First ever chewable energy tablet. 

2) Put it in your pocket, your purse, your car and take it with you inside any public place. 

3) No liquids to worry about. 

4) "no jitters" "no crash"


What are the main ingredients?

natural caffeine, natural green tea, natural ginseng root, B12, B6.

How many tablets can I take?

Our standard warning is: If you are above the age of 18, we recommend no more than 3 a day. Do not take if pregnant. 

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